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Law enforcement / German armed forces / weapons manufacturers

Safety systems for hunting, sporting and weapons for public authorities

Protection against unauthorized access

Trigger locks and cartridge locks prevent quick access to the weapon, provide additional security in the gun cabinet and thus contribute to protection against misuse.

Universal fit

The use of the locking devices corresponds to the requirement for the diligent handling of firearms in shooting sports, hunting and security authorities, suitable for most common types of firearms.

Weapon safety systems for hunting, sporting and weapons for public authorities

Germany has a long tradition in the production of high-quality hunting and sporting weapons that are sought-after around the world. High-quality firearms for public authorities are also manufactured in Germany. The majority of the weapons registered in Germany are hunting rifles, rifles and shotguns, so-called long firearms. As a manufacturer of weapon security systems, we have been a long-standing partner of globally respected manufacturers of hunting, sporting and government firearms.

Products & solutions

Products & solutions

Our product developments in the field of weapon security systems for weapon manufacturers and public authorities can be found here.

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